Empowering women through functional fitness and strength training

Meet the StrongHer Team!

Collectively, our certifications include: 
-M.S. Kinesiology, specializing in sport and exercise psychology
-ACSM Certified Personal Trainer 
-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 
-Brand X Method Trainer (beginner & advanced)
-Brand X Method Youth Barbell Trainer
-The Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Certification (CPPC) in process

Additional Training/Education:
-Olympic Lifting Certification 
-Bench/Deadlift/Squat Seminar 
-ACSM Exercise is Medicine Credential- Level 1
-Silver Sneakers: Classic certified
-PN1 certification in process

We emphasize technique, form, safety, and practical movements for daily life. 

Our mission: To empower women through functional fitness & strength training.


Katy Ferguson: co-founder

Favorite lift: back squat

Current fitness goals: to remain active and continue lifting during my second pregnancy

My story: For years, my idea of being healthy and fit was logging the miles I ran in a week. I was introduced to strength training and CrossFit as an adult which reshaped not only my conception of fitness but my actual values surrounding exercise; no longer could I settle for a jaunt on the treadmill. I realized I lacked any definable values attached to fitness, it was just something I did, a box to check. Lifting weights showed me what a woman’s body is capable of, and how my natural physical qualities were already quite beautiful and powerful. This transformed my life. Strength training redefined what “being fit” looked and felt like. My body structure was changed and empowered. My bigger thighs that I had always disliked were now remastered as strong and powerful.


Gillyon alexander: co-founder

Favorite lift: Power Clean

Current fitness goals: 1.5 body weight back squat & 5 strict pull ups

My story: Growing up, I was always active in team sports and a runner. Once I began teaching (middle school math and science), I missed the atmosphere a team has to offer. I eventually found the CrossFit community and was reunited with this sense of belonging, quenching my deep yearning for this teammate atmosphere. I watched my small framed “shrimp-like” body transform into this solid mass of power. What’s more was my mental shift; where once I cowered in various situations, I now recall entering a room with a commanding, confident presence.  This “presence” was what I’d been searching for her whole life without really ever knowing it; it was the look of a woman who really knows herself, a true warrior.  This was the beginning of the tidal wave of redefining all aspects of my life, from nutrition, to prioritizing sleep, to even reevaluating what I wanted to do professionally.


juli eikmann: trainer

Favorite lift: Sumo deadlift

Current fitness goals: Bench press 135 lbs. and increase cardiovascular endurance

My story: I was an athlete growing up. Between soccer, volleyball, basketball, and tennis, staying active was not something new to me. Once I started college however, things started to change. My old support system had disappeared around me, and I was left alone with low self-confidence. So I started running. Without a team surrounding me, without a coach blowing a whistle, without any preconceived outline of what this run was supposed to be. I would just take off around the campus, channeling all that frustration, anxiety, and whatever else was weighing on me. At the end of every run, I had this sense of freedom and relief wash over me, and I knew this feeling was something to hold on to. I eventually rebuilt my self-confidence and found weightlifting soon after, and I have gained so much more than just plates on the barbell ever since.

For me, exercise is therapy. Whether it's used as an outlet for stress, a way to feel accomplishment from a busy schedule, or a moment of gratitude that I am physically able to exercise, it's a simple but empowering reminder that a little self-care can go a long way.


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