Group Classes


Empowering workouts

StrongHer’s purpose is to empower women through functional fitness and strength training. Through this avenue, we want to introduce women to their real self - to the powerful woman welling up inside which is capable of owning who and what she is.

We pull from multiple modalities, emphasizing functional movements, proper technique, with light to moderate weight. We teach technique and skills, while safely implementing moderate to higher intensity interval training. There is just something so profoundly empowering to grip a barbell and defy preconceived notions and stigmas.

Typical Class Layout:
Dynamic Stretching
Warm Up


Community of women

We’re here to train for life, empower each other and get stronger. Whether you’ve never lifted a weight or are a former collegiate athlete, there’s modifications for every movement. Our bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels, let’s celebrate them by being badass together. StrongHer takes tremendous pride in supporting our growing community of positive, strong women.


safety is our number one priority

We emphasize technique, form, safety, and practical movements for daily life. Each class is designed to teach, practice, and play (workout!). Weight will only be added when basic mechanics are performed properly.



All classes located in Brentwood, MO

Tuesdays 5:30am- Studio Gym (45 minute class)
Tuesdays 6pm- Oak Tree Park (1 hour class)
Wednesdays 9am- Oak Tree Park (1 hour class)
Thursdays 6pm- Studio Gym (1 hour class)
Saturdays* 8:30am- Oak Tree Park (1 hour class)

*PLAYGROUND SUPERVISION offered for children on all Saturday classes through September. $2 per child. Cash or Venmo accepted.

Class Prices:

First class- FREE!

Drop In: $10

1 class pass: $10

5 class pass: $45 ($9/class)

10 class pass: $80 ($8/class)

20 class pass: $150 ($7.50/class)