Small Group Training


One-time event

Hosting a girls night or weekend and want to add an empowering aspect? Bring StrongHer to YOU! Perfect for Bachelorette parties & wine nights (workout before wine, of course), or any other ladies night event!

We will customize our class to fit your wants and needs! Contact us for more information.

Small group training mini session

Have a group of women in your neighborhood who want to learn the down and dirty of strength training? We bring equipment to you and teach the basics of strength training, always emphasizing form and technique. Each session will be designed around your specific fitness goals.
Programs usually held in 4-6 week sessions.

Have some old dumbbells and resistance bands laying around in your basement? Bring those to a class and we will show you how to maximize the resources you have at home!



Corporate classes

Work with a group of women who want a quick workout over your lunch break or after work?